Teach your children self-defense with Juji Fitness Gym
8 Aug 2019

Teach your children self-defense with Juji Fitness Gym

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As a parent in this day and age, with electronics, cell phones and social media our children are beginning to become very complacent, lazy and at times quite demanding. They often times sit in their room looking at their phones, we don’t even question what they are looking at. They no longer help with chores around the house, clean up their room nor do they do their homework. We want to be good parents and we think that giving them everything and letting them do what they want is the answer. It is the farthest thing from the truth. Our child need and want discipline, they need rules, order and mostly structure. As a parent we often time do not know where to turn but solutions and great programs are available. We just need to get our children active. Let’s do less Instagram and more skip rope, less selfies and more basketball and less sitting around and more judo. Yes, get your children active now and you will see an immediate change in attitude. Being active removes all that bad negative built up energy. It allows our children to become more balanced, ambitious and healthy, they sleep better, listen better, study better and become more productive and proactive.

In your local area many churches have youth programs, there are also gyms, clubs and affiliate programs with local schools. It is important to train our children to be good, honorable, disciplined individuals when these programs can be fun and take less time from us if we get them involved.

Here is Juji Fitness Gym where children learn basic self-defense skills, discipline, competitiveness and build a balanced spirit with a positive outlook. These programs are designed so that children just don’t default to their cell phones, they default to calling on friends and play games outside doing what children are supposed to be doing. Be active and living a life filled with positive opportunities to grow and flourish.


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