Are you looking for a job?
4 Jul 2019

Are you looking for a job?

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We recently learned about a new company in the Philippines, they actually decided to advertise with us. We were quite curious because it’s not easy to find work these days that offers the potential for a large salary so we checked it out. First off we found out that it is run by Filipino’s, born and breed. Their attitude is to share, support and build. What’s the company name you’re asking? City Search Philippines, well actually its cityserachphilippines.com. What they do is quite straight forward. Their sole and unique goal is to promote businesses, organizations and charities. There is a cost to this but it is ridiculously cheap. They made it so affordable that we decided to add our blog to their site.


When we added our business we worked with Roshe (general manager) we could not believe that the acting GM would take our call personally. But we learned that this team is so hands on and supportive that we were no longer surprised. She was fantastic to work with, she was so organized and explained things so clearly. Now here is the really amazing thing, they built our 1 page website for us in the same day. Yes a 1 pager with all our details and it cost us 300 pesos for the year.


It was simple to pay, we just sent the payment by G-cash and the site was loaded shortly after. I asked them how can we help in promoting them. They gave us this video and asked if we could simply write a blog. Imagine instead of promoting to get new clients they are more interested in sharing the opportunity of becoming an agent or even a sales manager.


We from “We are Pinoy” wish you many blessings and a successful business.


Team We Are Pinoy


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